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How to choose between IP surveillance and DTV surveillance?

First released on: 2014/08/07

The comparison between IP cameras and DTV cameras is shown in the table below.

 DTV cameras/ccHDtv (DTV surveillance) and IP cameras (IP surveillance) comparison table.

To decide between IP solution and DTV solution, the points need to be considered include: whether the system integrator/ installer have network-related expertise and what the system structure to be aimed at is.

Network expertise

The installation and setting of IP surveillance requires sophisticated network TCP/IP-related expertise, while DTV surveillance, on the contrary, doesn’t. Because of this, for upgrades from CCTV security systems to IP surveillance, the accompanying transition cost is inevitably high. A DTV surveillance system can substantially diminish such transition gaps due to its easiness for installation and its simplicity in deployment. For experts with plenty of network knowledge to manage network settings, IP surveillance has better scalability compared to DTV surveillance.

System structure

Questions regarding the system structure include: is it an existing old system upgrade case, or a new installation one? How difficult is it to redeploy the cables under current condition (in the case of old system upgrade)? How much is the transmission range required in the system? How is the actual network environment? How is users’ affordability for extra network equipment to facilitate network traffic? How will their tolerance regarding frame drop be?

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