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What is a ccHDtv surveillance system?

First released on: 2014/08/07

The ccHDtv surveillance system, also known as the DTV surveillance system, is a new-generation video security solution that adopts Digital Video Broadcast-Terrestrial Technology (DVB-T), the most commonly used digital television transmission standard worldwide. Pacidal ccHDtv surveillance system features excellent performance high definition video transmission over coaxial cables.

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Key features of the ccHDtv surveillance

The ccHDtv surveillance system can simultaneously run multiple channels of compressed full HD video streaming through a single coaxial cable. It provides supreme video quality of high capacity and low latencies when transmitting signals. Pacidal ccHDtv surveillance simultaneously supports 16 channels of cameras in transmitting signals on a single coaxial cable, each of which carries dual H.264 video streaming. The key features of ccHDtv surveillance include:

CCTV upgrade HD solution

Seamless full HD upgrade solution for CCTV systems

Existing coaxial cables reusable (3C-2V, RG-59)

Robust anti-interference ability

Less subject to the influence of current cable quality condition

High capacity

Multiple channels of 1080p videos over one single coaxial cable
flexible topology

More flexibility on deployment

Supporting star topology and daisy-chain deployment
long distance transmission 1000m

Longer transmission distance

Up to 1000 meters without repeaters (3300 ft.)
duplex communication

Duplex communication

Return channel supported

Digital television standard

Compatible with devices with DVB-T receivers

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ccHDtv surveillance structure

A ccHDtv surveillance system is composed of ccHDtv cameras, a ccHDtv DVR, and coaxial cables. The capacity for each DVR system is 4, 8, or 16 channels of videos, with CMS supported for connecting multiple sets of DVRs. The structure of a ccHDtv surveillance system is illustrated in the diagram below.

The structure of ccHDtv surveillance, including ccHDtv security cameras, ccHDtv DVRs and coaxial cables.

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